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If you've come to these forums, you're most likely stuck on a level. Here's what you can do:
  • * You can post a question in the forum thread that corresponds to your current level, BUT...

    * ...If your question contains a spoiler, please do not post it in the forums, and send it to me in a PM (private message) instead. What is considered a spoiler? If you had to decode it, find it, figure it out, or do any sort of work to reveal it, it's a spoiler.

    *When posting in the forums, don't bother trying to hide spoilers with asterisks (e.g. "I found the pl**** but I can't find the an****t") as I'll censor them as spoilers anyway (come on, it's dead easy to figure out words with missing letters). If your question involves spoilers, just send a PM.

    * Please do not just ask for more hints if you're stuck. All the initial hints I can give are already in the level itself.

    * Please do not post a question that simply reads "help on 23," or whatever level you're stuck on. Unless you tell me how far you've gotten with the level, what you've figured out by this point, or at least a slight guess you have as to how to solve it, I really have no clue how to help you.
Question: "Would you give me a hint?"
Answer: No, sorry.

Question: "Why are you so stingy with hints?"
Answer: I'm trying to be fair. The level difficulty has to remain the same for everyone, and I can't make it easier for one person just because they find it harder than someone who solved the same level without any extra hints.

Thank you all very much, and happy riddling. :)
~ The Cipher Master ~

UPDATE, 9/9/2018: If you PM me for level help, I'm more than happy to answer, but I may not be checking my forum inbox more than once a week (or less), so please be patient with waiting for a response. Thank you!