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Welcome to the Cipher Temp End Hall of Fame!

This page is dedicated to the first people to have reached each Temp End (temporary end) as it was released.
This feat is extra notable because it means that many of these people solved the (very difficult) level prior
to the Temp End with no help of earlier victors.



Level 60
Temp End
(Released 01/ 21/2012 10:00)
Number Name Date/Time (EST) Country

Zeljan Catubig

01/24/2012 5:50 -Philippines
Joseph Alain Madrideo Bolaños 01/24/2012 8:13 -Philippines
Vincent Espolon Alde 01/24/2012 8:18 -Philippines

A special mention to Wenyu "Hearson" Zhang, who was the first to solve the old level 60, which had been removed shortly after release due
to a series of major bugs that were discovered thanks largely to Wenyu.