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Welcome to the Cipher Temp End Hall of Fame!

This page is dedicated to the first people to have reached each Temp End (temporary end) as it was released.
This feat is extra notable because it means that many of these people solved the (very difficult) levels prior
to the Temp End with no help of earlier victors.



Level 70 - Group
Temp End - Top 5 whatever
(Released 01/13/2023 18:00 GMT)
Number Names Date/Time (GMT) Countries Messages

catz, owlbot, Tyte (Faen)

01/16/2023 14:53 Israel Germany Norway "Still, totally harder than solving notpron tbh"

Felix Croc, infiniteXforever, MishuAnubis, umsyt, wenyu, zitman

01/23/2023 23:14 Canada Hong Kong Romania
U.S.A. U.S.A. China

"Many thanks to Mishu for the help! And if I ever see the number 66 or 67 again, it will be too soon" ~Felix Croc

"Hard, harder, Cipher!" ~infiniteXforever

"magnum opus" ~MishuAnubis

"If I say what I think I'll be suspended six months." ~umsyt

"My brain really hurts for these 5 levels" ~wenyu

"definitely dnbherl-tier levels - :iwanttodie:" ~zitman


AlessaMason, Carbo25, JeremySwiff

01/24/2023 00:26 Greece Puerto Rico U.S.A.

"Common password(s) : Solomon" ~JeremySwiff

"Don't ask me, I'm retired." ~Carbo25


dblstR, Picklemaniac

01/26/2023 16:45 Australia Netherlands

"Fun and challenging as always, looking forward to more levels in the future :)" ~dblstR

"Difficult but fun. Big shoutout to everyone who gave hints and tips throughout these five new levels, and of course, to my puzzle buddy in Australia. Time to go hunting for those secret levels!" ~Picklemaniac


Kukkelis, Maka, Thick, Vosmyj

01/28/2023 14:26 Finland Serbia U.S.A. Taiwan

"The puzzle at home:" ~Kukkelis

"idk im sorry i hav no clu whats happening" ~Maka

"i'm sorry i don't get it either" ~Thick

"well then time to head back to those god damn lies" ~Vosmyj


Drifter1240, iforgor, MinusOnium, Myndr, Supers, ZaidX2_, zenifuls, zinkosstan

02/07/2023 11:14 Canada Indonesia U.S.A. Saudi Arabia
Greece Saudi Arabia Netherlands Hong Kong

"let's be real i didn't do anything apart from sending cat gifs" ~Drifter1240

"Duck 🦆" ~iforgor

"Thank you LDC for support lmfao" ~MinusOnium

"Why did this riddle make me clean my eyes with bleach" ~Myndr

"i hear the song in my sleep" ~Supers

"I love this riddle! ❤" ~ZaidX2_

"my favourite part of cipher was when balthazar said it's cipher time and cipher'ed all over the level" ~zenifuls

"G♯ B♭ C♯ A♯ F E♯ E♭ A♭ A♯ D♭ B♭ F𝄫 D♯ C♯ C C𝄫" ~zinkosstan


94871487, BlazingSnow, Markus, TimothyChats

02/09/2023 19:38 Taiwan U.S.A. Estonia Philippines

"winrar,I hate and love this at the same time, thanks GMT" ~94871487

"Idk" ~BlazingSnow

"Music theory isn't fun, I'm literally dying inside." ~Markus

"okkk i regret my cipher 65 hof message | thanks GMT for making more funky levels lol" ~TimothyChats


Tailleferre, James V

03/15/2023 21:10 Germany U.K.

"We had intended to say something pithy and hilarious here but sadly we have got nothing left after this riddle."


Level 70 - Solo
Temp End - Top 10
(Released 01/13/2023 18:00 GMT)
Number Name Date/Time (GMT) Country Message


01/25/2023 19:07 -U.S.A. Monty Python will soon kill me in my sleep.


02/05/2023 23:57 -Spain Please continue doing such wonderful levels. Thank very much for all that fun!!!


02/11/2023 06:36 -Philippines This truly is the puzzle of all time.


02/27/2023 05:29 -Philippines Thank you for these new levels! Some are hard and long (not looking at 69...) but overall, it's fun! And I have no idea what 'last fortune' is...


02/28/2023 09:02 -China I like the new levels. They are really hard but full of fun.


03/02/2023 11:23 -China Really fun new levels, my eyes and ears are hurting...


03/10/2023 05:38 -China Hard (sigh)


05/29/2023 10:44 -Philippines May the next plane be easier than this one, for you.

No one yet...

00/00/0000 00:00 -N/A

No one yet...

00/00/0000 00:00 -N/A


Level 65 - Solo
Temp End - Top 10
(Released 08/18/2020 15:00 GMT)
Number Name Date/Time (GMT) Country Message

y' / y_prime

08/20/2020 05:32 -U.S.A. "Didn't expect to clear these puzzles that fast, but I did it! It's not often that a riddle game comes back from the dead after 8 years, so thanks for the new puzzles!!"

Tyte (Faen)

08/20/2020 13:29 -Norway "Totally harder than solving notpron tbh"


08/20/2020 19:28 -Brazil "I gotta believe! 🐱"


08/20/2020 22:26 -Philippines "Harder than expected! Awaken, my snowflakes!"


08/20/2020 23:11 -Brazil "to be fair, remote viewing was easier than 63"


08/20/2020 23:59 -U.S.A. "I cannot tell you how much Cipher changed my life. 2019 was such a normal year until I was introduced to Cipher... for the next year-and-a-half, I grinded almost every riddle I could find. Here I am now. What a day."

Josh Bolanos (behoshuo)

08/21/2020 02:52 -Philippines "I feel like I'm still at 63. New levels did not disappoint."


08/21/2020 07:26 -Israel "These were some nasty last few levels, real challenging head-bangers. Thank you for all your evilness and looking forwards for the next set straight out of Pandora's box."

Felix Croc

08/21/2020 13:37 -Canada "This is one of my favourite online riddles, and I'm so glad I completed it! Thank you so much GMT!"


08/22/2020 04:54 -Philippines "Discovering true joy in finding non-404 pages (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ✿)"



Level 65 - Group
Temp End
(Released 08/18/2020 15:00 GMT)
Number Names Date/Time (GMT) Countries Message

Ikunobu, weaver, catz, thaevish

08/20/2020 16:01 Spain Croatia  Switzerland "Totally harder than solving notpron tbh"

JeremySwiff, Carbo25, AlessaMason

08/20/2020 21:38 U.S.A. Puerto Rico Greece

"Very cool to see new additions to Cipher, even though I only had to wait maybe a month, where others had to wait for 8 years. Hopefully even more to come!" ~JeremySwiff

"Creators should be prohibited from drinking." ~AlessaMason

"You're in charge of writing the message." ~Carbo25


dblstR, Picklemaniac

11/12/2020 16:54 Australia Netherlands

"Wow that was super challenging and so satisfying after notpron! Can't wait for future levels :D. Big thanks to Picklemaniac for being an awesome team mate from the other side of the world" ~dblstR

"This riddle got crazy difficult near the end, but the solutions were always super satisfying!" ~Picklemaniac


ASTROBOSS, otherlego, thecatthatplayz

09/17/2021 23:51 United States United States United States

"Took me over a year of on and off effort during a pandemic... How satisfying to reach the end of an era!" ~ASTROBOSS

"I uh.... poked your eyes."
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO" ~otherlego

"I finally finished... excuse me while I cry in a corner" ~thecatthatplayz


markus, 94871487, Timothy, BlazingSnow

10/08/2022 18:24 Estonia Taiwan Philippines U.S.A.

"Wonderful riddle you got here, though some of the levels were really tedious, but still, i loved it. IESCAPEDTHELABYRINTH;)" ~markus

"It feels nice to solve another riddle, the riddle is very challenging! Wonder if i can see Balthazar in the future levels" ~94871487

"Turns out we weren't mortals after all, Balthazar. Anyways cool riddle GMT! Can't wait for more funky levels to come." ~Timothy

"Cifer craked" ~BlazingSnow


nofanksluv, Omelette

10/22/2022 18:24 Vietnam Vietnam

"I think I am entitled to financial compensation." ~nofanksluv

"lol imagine getting beaten by an overcooked egg" ~Omelette


MinusOnium, Drifter1240, Supers, ObscureTemptations/Sinfulsub, i forgor, zinkosstan, myndr

11/16/2022 11:16 U.S.A. Canada Greece Netherlands
Indonesia Hong Kong Saudi Arabia

"Farewell." ~MinusOnium

"Good riddle, 40s were really good (except 49), now I feel like I am high on Cipher Crack the Code. Send help.." ~Drifter1240

"GGs was fun" ~Supers

"Okay. Oh my god, this was a masterpiece, never have I seen something as beautifully constructed as this. A beast of a game, the lore, everything, it's just awesome. Hats off, gamemastertips, simply an enriching riddle experience flourished with creative mechanics and ideas."

"Is Balthazar still alive" ~i forgor

"An unforgettable journey that never destinates? Destined to be a place in mind, rather..." ~zinkosstan

"I shouldve just beaten the f*** out of balthazar and send him straight to prison, but this riddle was actually good" ~myndr

"Group solvers" is a category that was made on request for people who like to work on puzzles in groups (two or more people).
Because group solving provides an unfair advantage over those who prefer to go at it solo, group achievements will be logged separately.


Level 60
Temp End
(Released 01/ 21/2012 10:00)
Number Name Date/Time (EST) Country

Zeljan Catubig

01/24/2012 5:50 -Philippines
Joseph Alain Madrideo Bolaños 01/24/2012 8:13 -Philippines
Vincent Espolon Alde 01/24/2012 8:18 -Philippines

A special mention to Wenyu "Hearson" Zhang, who was the first to solve the old level 60, which had been removed shortly after release due
to a series of major bugs that were discovered thanks largely to Wenyu.